What Problem are we trying to solve?

Plastic pollution

Plastic is everywhere. Useful and convenient, it’s also a massive pollution problem.

Wildlife becomes ensnared in discarded plastic and microplastics are eaten by ocean creatures.

Much of the UK’s plastic waste is dumped and burned overseas, affecting people’s health.

To stop this, we must produce less plastic in the first place.

We have a responsibility to the world, the country, future generations.

Econette offers a range of plastic reduction solutions to brand holders.

Implementing these solutions could make a big difference to your business and to the planet.

Tear n Tuck

The reclosable sachet

80% Less plastic than the equivalent screw cap tube

The Tear n Tuck tube is the perfect packaging solution when you want a re-closable option. The end neatly tucks in to seal the tube with no leakage even when you put pressure on the tube itself. With a potential 80% plastic reduction saving, its a great packaging option!

Child Resistant Pack

Keeping the product in and inquisitive little fingers out!

Our Child Resistant tube offers secure packaging for liquids, creams or gels. The tube tip has to be cut with scissors to open, making it a safe option for items which need to be kept away from children. You can also achieve up to an 85% reduction in plastic, when compared to a plastic bottle equivalent! Transportation costs are also dramatically reduced to the size and weight of the packaging - whilst the plastic bottle weighs 8.2gms, the Child Resistant tube weighs only 1.2gms.

Tear Top Tubes

Our tubes provide convenient, lightweight alternatives to large plastic bottles. They are the perfect solution for concentrated refills, which can also be sent in letterbox friendly postal boxes for subscription services. Saving plastic across all concentrate liquids such as detergents, cleaning products and even cordial drinks!

Tear Top Tubes

We have all been there, purchasing a large plastic cartridge of silicone sealant or similar - use it once, then when we go to use it again it’s all gone hard and we have to throw it out. All of this plastic ends up in landfill. Our Tear Top Tubes provide the perfect solution of smaller amounts of product in one tube, with the ability to direct the product where you need to, and no wastage. Up to 80% plastic reduction and less product wastage!

But our commitment to sustainability and the environment doesn’t stop there

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Our head office saw the installation of solar panels all across our roofline, which made our office and manufacturing facility Carbon Neutral since 2020. We believe our role in a sustainable future needs an ongoing commitment.


Lower Carbon Emissions

Our packaging solutions not only offer a huge reduction in plastic, but the transportation costs are dramatically reduced. For example, 5000 screw cap tubes would take the area of 1 full pallet. 5000 tubes would be one simple roll of laminate delivered to us. So less space, less pallets and less transport leads to lower carbon emissions

The revolution in sustainable liquid packaging.

At Unette, we are deeply committed to environmental responsibility. That's why we developed Econette, a range of packaging solutions to significantly reduce plastic waste. These innovative tubes are meticulously designed to ensure minimal environmental impact, offering practical and eco-conscious alternative solutions for your liquid products.

In addition to being an environmentally-friendly solution, Econette offers high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly tube packaging. These solutions can reduce plastic waste by up to 80% helping you to make a step-change in achieving your sustainability and corporate responsibility goals.

Econette is not just a packaging solution; it's our contribution to a more sustainable future. We've combined the convenience and flexibility of traditional tube packaging with the critical need for sustainability. With Econette, you are choosing a future of sustainable tube packaging - an option that respects the planet without compromising quality or functionality. Make the switch to Econette today and join us in leading the change towards sustainable packaging solutions.

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