Sustainability in Packaging: Eco-Friendly Options for Liquid Supplements

If you had a choice between a trusted familiar brand’s plastic packaging, or a newer contender which boasts an eco-friendly, recycled cardboard container, which one do you choose?

This scenario reflects a growing trend in consumer behaviour. Today's shoppers are increasingly environmentally conscious, and their choices now extend as far as the packaging of the products they buy. A recent study by Global Market insights found that as much as 67% of consumers are actually willing to pay a premium for products with sustainable or eco-friendly packaging.

For companies in the liquid supplement industry, this shift presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge itself is ensuring the product is protected and functions correctly, all while ensuring environmental impact is lowered. Perhaps easier said than done. Liquid supplements often require very specific packaging properties in order to maintain freshness or prevent leakage. However, the opportunity lies in embracing sustainable practices that resonate with today's eco-conscious consumers and push the boundaries of packaging innovation.

Why Go Green with Liquid Supplement Packaging?

The environmental impact of traditional plastic packaging is undeniable. According to a 2024 report by Business Waste, the UK generates a staggering three million tons of plastic packaging waste annually, with a significant portion of this waste ending up in landfills or worse still, in our oceans, harming wildlife and ecosystems. Sadly, less than one quarter of this waste is every recycled.

Developments and advancements into sustainable packaging offer a new way forward. By opting for eco-friendly materials along with innovative designs, leading brands can significantly reduce their environmental footprint. This not only benefits the planet but also enhances brand reputation as consumers continue to actively seek out companies that prioritise sustainability. It’s this commitment to eco-friendly packaging that can be a major differentiator in the competitive world of liquid supplements.

Exploring Eco-Friendly Options

So, what are the sustainable packaging options available for liquid supplements? Let's have a look at some of the most talked about and promising recent advancements in the sector:

Recycled Plastics (rPET, HDPE)

Giving new life to plastic waste, recycled plastics like rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) offer a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic and can help companies reduce their waste by almost 30%. These materials are widely recyclable and can help reduce reliance on new plastic production. However, it's important to consider compatibility with specific supplements and potential limitations like downcycling, where recycled plastic may not be as strong or durable as virgin plastic.


Derived from renewable resources like plant starches or cellulose, bioplastics present an exciting option. Many bioplastics are compostable, offering a significant environmental benefit. Its worth considering however, that bioplastics may not always be suitable for all liquid supplements due to factors like permeability or limited availability.

Glass Packaging

Glass offers unparalleled benefits for liquid supplement packaging. It's inert, meaning it doesn't react with the product, and it's highly effective at preserving freshness and flavour. Additionally, glass is endlessly recyclable, making it a truly sustainable choice. The downside is, glass weighs a lot, and its fragile. For products needing larger packaging containers or those intended for on-the-go consumption, glass perhaps isn’t the best option.

Aluminium Packaging

Aluminium is lightweight and extremely durable, plus it’s another recyclable option. It offers good barrier properties and protects the product from light, oxygen, and moisture. The old challenge with aluminium used to be its energy consumption during production, however, with recent advancements in recycling technology, aluminium is becoming an increasingly more sustainable choice among multi-national brands.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

The world of sustainable packaging for liquid supplements is constantly evolving.  Innovative solutions like refillable pouches or concentrated formulas that require less packaging are gaining traction and quickly becoming a popular choice among manufacturers. These options not only reduce waste but also offer convenience for consumers.

As a leading provider of liquid filling solutions, Unette understands the challenges (and opportunities) associated with sustainable packaging. Our expertise can help companies navigate the options and implement eco-friendly practices without compromising product quality or functionality.  We have an extensive range of different packaging solutions to suit all types of liquids:

Case Study: Reducing Plastic with Resealable Tubes

Let's take a quick look at the Tear n Tuck tube as an example of sustainable innovation in action. This unique solution features a resealable closure that allows consumers to dispense the desired amount of product and then securely store the remainder. Compared to traditional screw-cap tubes, the Tear n Tuck design uses significantly less plastic, reducing weight, cost, and environmental impact. This innovative approach demonstrates the potential for sustainable packaging to not only benefit the environment but also enhance user experience.

The road to a more sustainable future

Selecting the most suitable sustainable packaging options requires careful consideration of several factors. From compatibility with the specific liquid supplement through to functionality, shelf life, and the overall environmental impact are crucial aspects which all need to be taken into consideration throughout the product lifecycle. We can guide you through this process, helping you choose the ideal sustainable packaging solution for your liquid supplements. Get in touch today.