Let’s get Tiggy with it!

If ever there was a food brand crying out for a flexible packaging solution, Unette thought it was Tigg’s. The family-run condiments maker create high quality and authentic sauces and dressings for discerning foodies. A choice of delicious flavours are sold in fabulous glass bottles, perfect for the kitchen or dining table; but what if a customer wants to try a new flavour without committing? What if a customer wants to take a taste of Tigg’s on their picnic but doesn’t want to cart a glass bottle? What if they want to splosh a dollop of Tigg’s on a pre-packed sandwich without taking the whole bottle to work? Oh, drat that beautiful glass bottle!

Unette could see the opportunity for a versatile packaging solution that could potentially increase Tigg’s turnover, help them to access new, untapped markets, and reach new customers.  The result was a striking Tear Top Tube, each containing a single, generous serving of sauce or dressing. It was ideal for trialling new flavours in store or for positioning next to salad aisles or sandwiches in supermarkets or delicatessens.

The packaging concept was ideal for the Tigg’s product. It has also been successfully used for some of Unette’s other food and nutrition brands so the design has a history. This success and the obvious benefits of light, flexible Tear Top packaging option that could complement their standard bottles gave Tigg’s the confidence to approve a production run before they’d even spoken to retailers!

David Rimmer, MD of Unette Nutrition Ltd said, “We were delighted with Tigg’s enthusiastic response to our proposal. We are a highly proactive company and if we can identify where our packaging prowess can enhance a brand’s offering we will be happy to approach them with our ideas.” 

We can only say good things about Unette. We are delighted that they took such a pro-active approach and we could see immediately the potential of the single dose Tear Top tube. It really is helping us to reach new customers and new levels.”

Jacob James - Director of Tigg’s

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