Designed for Controlled Dispense Applications


Unette have announced the launch of their latest innovation ‘The Dosette’.

The unique tube was developed initially as a single use refill for the Vape market.  Holding 2ml of liquid, it features an innovative, extended nozzle with a tamper-proof tear off tab, perfect for refilling e-cigarette tanks.

The Dosette was invented following feedback from manufacturers that were looking for a more cost-effective sampling method. The Dosette has replaced expensive 30ml bottles and offers much greater reach for the brand holders’ investment.

Consumers also highlighted the inconvenience of carrying around a 30ml bottle on a night out – the Dosette offers a convenient dose to suit the e-cigarette chamber that fits neatly in the pocket.

First shown at Vaper Expo 2016,  the package has now been adopted by other parts of the Company with numerous applications in health, nutraceuticals and medical devices currently in development.

The popularity of the Dosette has already triggered the development of larger capacity and longer-tipped versions.

Unette have been at the forefront of flexible packaging solutions for over 50 years and are best known for developing the original Tear Top Tube, used extensively in health and sports nutrition, personal care, household and industrial markets. This is where Unette has the edge, their engineers are able to build the machinery to develop new forms of flexible packaging enabling them to react to requirements within any industry or application.

This is an incredible design for what is in effect a piece of folded flexible packaging. The Dosette can be held upside down with the tab removed and won’t drip. The application of light pressure can provide drops or with firmer pressure a stream. The applications for a single-use, controlled dose are endless – just about everyone that has seen it, wants it.

David Rimmer - Managing Director of Unette

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